2024 Learn to Row

2024 Berkshire Community Rowing

Berkshire Community Rowing Boathouse
Onota Lake, Burbank Park Boat Launch Boat Ramp

Sunday, June 2
What time:
8:00am – 12:00pm

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What should I wear?
1) Layers! Spring weather can be temperamental, so you’ll want to be able to add and remove layers depending on how you’re feeling.
2) Close-fitting exercise clothes. Most rowers enjoy sporting exceptionally flattering unisuits (okay, so sometimes they’re less than flattering, but then we all bond over our love-hate relationships with unis), but you don’t have to go all out today. However, loose clothes get caught in the part of the boat called the slide (or tracks), and make it really hard to row. Avoid sweatshirts with kanagroo pockets, too (zipper pockets are okay).

Who can participate?
Anyone age 12 and up! Rowing is a true team sport for EVERYBODY. No one is too old, too weak, too out of shape, or too in shape. We have athletes who started rowing in middle school, and athletes who picked up rowing in their 70’s — and we have rowers in their 80s rowing with us, and know rowers in their 90s!

What should I bring?
Sunscreen, hat, bug spray, water (in a plastic bottle, no metal). We will also have some on hand.

What should I expect?
Members of Berkshire Community Rowing will show you around, teach you some technique and terminology, and then we will get you in a team boat (two or four people, total) to take some real strokes and enjoy the beauty of Onota Lake and the joy of rowing.

Do I have to pay?
No! Learn-to-Row Day is totally free!

What comes next?
In the week following Learn to Row Day, we will start 4-week long Learn to Row classes that will go throughout the summer.

Do you have more questions?
Email info@berkshirerowing.com and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. We may even add your question (and our answer) to this page!