Board Members

Each of our dedicated board members is convinced that rowing is an asset to individuals, to groups, and to communities. We love being on the water; we find it beautiful and invigorating. We love the Berkshires, and we’re energized by the prospect that we could be a boon to our home city of Pittsfield and the wider region. We’re equal parts of all three: Berkshires, Community, and Rowing.

Daniel Brooks, Vice President




Chris King, Equipment

Chris helped translate his love of rowing into his efforts as one of the founding members of Berkshire Rowing in 1999, and served as its original Chairman. Previously, Chris rowed with the Carnegie Lake Rowing Association in Princeton, NJ that he joined in 1987.


Randy Oberle, Staffing, and Juniors

Randy learned to row at the University of Michigan, and began again as a master rower in 2008. His work is in sales and marketing at Crescent Creamery, but his love is in getting people to row, especially our juniors, which wouldn’t be what it is without his indefatigable efforts.

Elayne Murphy, Publicity

Elayne works with ideas big and small. Brought in by Williamstown families who have juniors that

participate in the program. A Concept 2 owner but taking small steps to being the Onota water.

Connell started rowing with BCR on Onota Lake in 2015 as a novice, and he immediately fell in love with the sport. Rowing is equal parts great exercise and mystical experience. Powerful things happen on the water at 7AM both inside and out. Rowing has become a central part of his life. Connell joined the Board in 2021 because of the love of the sport and a desire to give back to the club that’s given him so much.

Connell McGrath, Secretary