Some candids from the last couple of years.

The women’s quad ready to race.


The women of the quad.


Simon and Ryan showing grit.


The mod-quad. Nicely done!




Julia & Isabelle.


The crew at the Fish, which is an especially long weekend for Don & Randy, who drive, rig, race, coach, feed, reload, and drive again. We’re lucky to have them!


Boys quad at the Fish after crossing the finish line.


Fried dough: another benefit of rowing.


The juniors back from a regatta with medals on display.


One last row before winter sets in.


Tanya giving last minute advice to a women’s quad before the Rockrimmon.


Mike Dostal fine-tunes the technique of some of our masters.


Chris sends off a boys quad at the Rockrimmon.


A chilly row, but happy rowers!


A busy morning.


Masters show their might.


Two of our more stable boats out in the early spring, when you really don’t want to end up in the water.


Cheryl in Pinky and a quad on their way out.


This is what quiet looks like.


The crew at the Rockrimmon, 2017–masters and juniors, winning steak and pie.


Kathy and Carol make good use of perfect water.


Club day, when donuts await your finishing your row.


Harriet, when she’s not busy founding a rowing club or medaling in the Head of the Charles.


When Lydia was first learning. Man, she did that fast, thanks in part to Ari.


This looks like it’s from the Head of the Fish, but that’s not possible because the sun’s shining.


Ryan and Raeayn, a winning mixed double, similar names only by coincidence.


Olivia and Raeayn, who infused the club with enthusiasm when they were juniors. We miss them!


A mixed double at the Rockrimmon with pie? They must have won second place!


Liz readies herself in the Hudson.


Tobias and Liz do the Parent/Child at Masters Nationals in 2016.


The Chatham Scullas are an important subset of Berkshire Rowing.