The Long Journey of the 2018 Erg Raffle Prize Erg

Winning an Erg; Giving an Erg

Michael won the ergometer from our 2018 Erg Raffle, a now annual fundraiser for BCR thanks to Concept2. Maker of ergs, C2 also supports rowing clubs like ours in our perennial search for ways to raise money by offering ergs at lower cost for raffling off. (If you want in, look to September 2019 when we’ll have another chance to win!)

But Michael’s prize erg arrived at his door just as he was downsizing–into an apartment where, as he wrote, “there wouldn’t be enough room for both the erg and my wife. As much as I love rowing, I chose my wife.”

We at Berkshire Rowing believe he chose well.

So do those at the Burke Rehab Hospital in White Plains, New York, where Michael’s been a fitness instructor for over seven years. He donated the erg to the hospital and it now resides in the gym making it available for use both to Michael and to his many dedicated colleagues. “Win-win!” he writes, in the spirit of this sport.

Check out the Burke Rehab Newsletter, top of the 3rd page, to seeĀ photo evidence of his generosity–and his good form, for that matter. (Great engagement with the foot plate!)