What to Do on a Windy Day

Onota the Reactionary

Onota Lake isn’t too deep. This means, among other things, a little wind can really get the water going, which can present a problem when you’re in a single and it’s early in the season. Low water temperatures make the prospect of capsizing not only unappealing but risky.

But you’ve set aside this time, and you got yourself out of bed and down to the boathouse. So what are you gonna do, not row? Of course not.

About 1000 meters from the boathouse if you row hugging the shore (which you should because the water is cold and you want an easy way out of it should it come that that), on the north end of the lake, on the east side of Thomas Island, there’s a little cove that we of BCR call the Williams Cove because that’s where the Williams College boathouse is. It’s 400 meters long going east to west, and it’s usually protected from wind and choppy water.

This the perfect place for drills or short sprints. Up and back five times you’ve done 4000 meters, plus the 2000 meters it is to get there and back. If you’re ever looking for ideas about what drills do what, be in touch via email and keep watch of this blog site.

And, sorry, but no pictures just yet. The water’s been too choppy to risk taking out my phone!