Tobias meets the Holiday Challenge

Tobias Tops 100k

Tobias, one of our juniors, completed 100,000, a Christmas surprise because he’d told his family his aim was to do the juniors’ challenge of 50,000!

Having committed to the Concept 2 Holiday Challenge following Thanksgiving, Tobias decided not only to do 2,500 meters every school day, but to double that–5k every school day.

His mom, Liz, was taking on the Holiday Challenge, and Tobias wanted to keep pace. Plus, his schedule allowed it. He had just spent the months of late fall preparing to play Puck in the Lenox High School’s Fall Festival of Shakespeare’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

This accomplishment now behind him, he descended to his basement where the erg awaited.

Each day, when he got off the bus from school, he hammered out the meters. And as of yesterday, late evening, he reached his goal.

Well done, Tobias! Now enjoy that Christmas log and egg nog. You’ve earned it!