From Boathouse to Barn

A Rower who Sings the Blues (and not just in the off season!)

One of our juniors, Julia, is even better known locally as the lead singer of Born IV Blues.

Founded in 2017 when they were all but 9th graders, Julia along with Diego the drummer, Austin the guitarist, and Josiah on bass are still at it, writing their own music as well as reinterpreting songs from the blues canon. You can read more about them here, and you can listen here.

Just last night, they performed at The Barn in Egremont as a fundraiser to support their upcoming trip to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, their second time participating in that event.

Julia is a treasure on the rowing team, too, helping the coaches run workouts when they’re busy getting the launches ready or deciding on line-ups, pushing as hard as anyone in whatever boat she lands in,  but also coaching in the boat when set work with newer rowers, as seen here with Isabelle at her first regatta.

Way to go, Julia! BCR is grateful to have you among our ranks!