Videos Featuring BCR Rowers

About Berkshire Rowing

PCTV (Pittsfield Community Television) helped us out by making a PSA about the club. Check it out!

Drone Videos

A friend of a member brought his drone to the club one foggy summer morning in 2018. Here are some the videos he shot for us. Thanks, Ben!

Sue in a single (1x); Tom & Lydia in a double (2x)

Liz in a single (1x)

Joanne in a single (1x)

Doubles docking and the lake from the air

Our busy dock and Karl heading out 

Videos of What to Bear In Mind

Proper Technique from Concept2

This breaks down the basic elements of the stroke as you would practice it on the erg.

Water Safety Video

US Rowing outlines the possible hazards associated with rowing and the proper protocols to follow in each situation. It is recommended that everyone watches this video at least once per year before getting on the water to remind them of potential dangers.

Videos of What Shouldn’t Happen


This is a video that the coaches show the juniors program before getting on the water from a race where the boat “swamped” or filled with water. The coxswain was trying to bail the boat out with a sponge, and ultimately decided that they could no longer row. This is an unusual and somewhat comical situation but it teaches a great lesson about listening to the leader in the boat and knowing when the conditions are not fit for rowing.

Videos of What Could Happen

(I mean, you’ll have to work, but…)

Still Not Sure?

Form or Power?

Well, how about both?

The Easier It Looks…

…the harder they’re working.