The Winter Program Begins

And we’re off…

Tanya, our coach, has come up with an outline for the first couple weeks of the indoor program, which begins tomorrow, January 3rd. Here’s what’s in store.
1/3 – Teach basics of: Pick Drill and Legs only drill (reverse pick drill)
Testing:   2000m, 2′ squats, 1′ push ups, 1′ sit ups
Please record results – if people have bad knees do 2′ of calf raises or jumping jacks instead of squats
1/5 – Focus On The Music – (Will need a speaker)
1 song warmup, 3x (2 songs intensity, 1 song rest), 1 song cooldown
1/8 – It’s All About the Sequence –
Teach Pause drills (½ slide, Finish, Arms away, Body Prep)
5 x 3min @ (16, 18, 20, 18, 16) – 30’ rest
If time permits, do 5 minutes of ab work
1/10 – A Day of Sprints –
Start with Legs only drill
8 x 500m / 45’ rest
1/12 (No Dan or Tanya here) – Can You Keep Count –
Start with Pick drill
Stroke Counting Pyramid: 1on/1off up to 30on/30off and back down
2 minute rest and then repeat again until class is over