Rowing in the News

Two recent articles in the New York Times highlight the “pros” and “cons” of rowing.

This one is an homage to the benefits of rowing–physical, spiritual, psychological. Hurrah! It’s always invigorating to be in the news in a good way!

This one is a call to conscience for all lovers of the sport (this among other sports) that we make the benefits of rowing more available to people no matter their socio-economic status.

The article points out the obvious. The gear rowing requires is costly and fussy. The skill and strength rowing require take copious time to build up, meaning the one aiming to row must have that sort of time, which many, many people don’t. This isn’t one of the great injustices of our time, but it was one of the small ones, and these build up.

BCR is proud to have as its mission bringing rowing to all who’d like to enjoy this “elite” sport, and reap the benefits from it. Look around at other rowing clubs (browse online) and you’ll be floored to see how we manage to keep membership dues relatively low, while maintaining a well-stocked boathouse and well-appointed lakeside.

True, we have a lot of built-in assets. The beauty and cleanliness of the lake and surroundings, the city of Pittsfield charging us low rent and offering us terrific support, the dedication of our volunteers to build and maintain and staff, all come together to make it possible. If we were in Boston or Philly or San Diego we’d have a lot more obstacles to affordability.

So take advantage of the fact that we’re here. And celebrate how we’ve managed to build on that advantage. Come row, or come some time to watch the rowing. And raise a water bottle to the individuals who’ve really made it happen.

Hip hip hurray!