Holiday Challenge: Grab Your Erg!

Mount Your Erg and Push Your Heart Out

It’s been two weeks since we closed the boathouse, there are already about two inches of snow on the ground, and it’s two days before Thanksgiving, which means it’s time to get serious about winter workouts. The Holiday Challenge is upon us. Let’s rise to it!

Since time immemorial, Concept2, maker of the ergometers we all love to hate, has presented us with challenges to get us through the times when we can’t be on the water. The Holiday Challenge is the classic among them, spanning the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Masters rowers can choose to erg 100,000 meters or 200,000 meters, and juniors can opt for 50,000. On the honor system, at the end of it you get a certificate, maybe a pin, and bragging rights–and since Thanksgiving is early this year, we get a particularly long time to meet our goals. We might not even be up erging late into Santa’s arrival.

To make things extra special this year, Berkshire Rowing has set up a Team Page. Please consider signing up! Whether or not you make it to 100 k or 200 k or 50 k, every meter counts toward our team-building, which is where BCR’s strength really lies.

Sue is signed up. Liz is signed up. Who else is in?