Winter Program

The winter program is coming into focus. Here’s what we have from Coach Tanya so far:

This program will have participants focus on the many technical aspects of rowing, such as how to use the damper setting, control stroke rate, incorporate a powerful drive, and be more efficient at the catch. We’ll improve endurance and increase strength, will work on mentally toughness, will improve concentration, and build willpower. We’ll keep logs to track progress, and test fitness at various points to demonstrate improvement.
Week 1 – Rowing machine orientation. Develop proper technique through drills. Complete tests for improvement comparison.
Week 2 – Learn how to incorporate body weight exercises to enhance rowing.
Week 3 – Understand how the damper setting, stroke rate, and intensity are related. Learn control of stroke rate.
Week 4 – Learn to row smoothly with a focus on the powerful drive, then slow recovery.
Week 5 – Improve Aerobic fitness to increase endurance
Week 6 – Improve Anaerobic fitness to build strength and the ability to recover quickly.
Week 7 – Become mentally tough – building concentration and willpower. Rowing is after all 80% mental.
Week 8 – Improve efficiency at the catch. Focusing on distance rather than time. The harder you row, the faster it’s over.
Week 9 – Wrap up – bringing it all together. Retest fitness to see improvements.
Sign up on RegattaCentral as soon as possible. Find it under the banner “Programs & Classes.” If you have questions about the program, contact Connell McGrath at or 413-822-0797 (text or call).
Cost: $300
Session duration: Jan 1, 2019 – April 30, 2019
Location: Berkshire Nautilus – 42 Summer St, Pittsfield