Win an Erg!

Support BCR! Win an Erg!

We are embarking on our 3rd Annual Concept 2 Ergometer raffle giveaway! When you buy a ticket for this raffle, you do important work in supporting out club financially while also buying a chance to win the most durable, versatile, and challenging piece of fitness equipment available.

On an erg, you can do resistance and weight training as well as cardio challenges, all while keeping it low-impact and low risk of injury. Plus, ergs break down and stow away easily. This blog-writer keeps hers in bathroom corner, wheeling it out each day through the winter months for those Concept 2 challenges that keep you on the rail.

Here’s how to buy a ticket via Regatta Central. If you don’t have an RC account, just email the club at and we’ll get you in on it with a paper ticket.